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    Home » Testing News » ESI Group acquires PRESTO software

    ESI Group acquires PRESTO software

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

    Alain de Rouvray, ESI Group's Chairman and CEO states: 'PRESTO' software from AMOEBA offers the next generation of capabilities for cooling simulation and design optimization, a major concerns for the electronics industry. When integrated into ESI's end-to-end Virtual Prototyping solutions, PRESTO will represent a major potential for disruptive innovation, addressing the needs of a large category of users presently hindered by the silo approach of the software tools available on the market. Interacting within ESI's multi-domain modeling solutions, ESI's new PRESTO solution will fully include cooling within the global design requirements of electronic devices. It will allow simultaneous optimization for performance and fabrication on a single 'core model' in a holistic approach, thus achieving considerable benefits on product development cost and time. The exceptional quality of PRESTO's customers and early industry adopters bodes exceptionally well for the technical and commercial success of this exciting acquisition and business venture.
    Furthermore, we are very proud to welcome AMOEBA's two founding partners: Dr. Sanjay Mathur and Dr. Prabhu Sathyamurthy. These world class Computational Fluid Dynamics experts, renowned in the electronics cooling domain, share with us an enthusiasm for engineering excellence and the earnest pursuit of computational innovation for industrial benefit. Their arrival fully reflects ESI's commitment to continuously enhance our internal human resources as we strive to bring top class innovation and competitive advantage to our customers worldwide."
    A unique opportunity to address the very dynamic electronics cooling market
    AMOEBA Technologies, a private company, has developed PRESTO, a top quality innovative product customized for the electronics market. The acquisition of this product will enable ESI Group to expand its targeted and domain specific positioning in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) market and more specifically, to the dynamic electronics cooling market, leveraging PRESTO's prestigious initial client portfolio. Apple, Amazon (Lab123), and Qualcomm are among the early adopters of PRESTO, helping to establish the reputation of the product in the marketplace. On the service side, Google, MagicLeap, and VSN Mobile, are among its initial clients.
    Innovative synergies based on a holistic product design and development approach
    PRESTO is a highly promising product, already subscribed and validated by some major players who need an innovative CFD solution to steer system integration within the framework of the development of electronic devices such as computers, mobile devices, automotive electronics, medical electronics, data centers, and so on. One of PRESTO's major competitive advantages is an infrastructure with an extremely customizable interface that can meet specific and unique design workflows, making large-scale parametric design space exploration possible at a fraction of time and cost compared to conventional methods. It provides flexibility in its On-demand cloud computing service and is ideally suited for integration and extension within ESI's Virtual Prototyping platform to promote multi-domain product and process optimization beyond the current constrained focus on cooling.
    Integration of two Computational Fluid Dynamics world class experts
    Following this acquisition, ESI will hold 100% of AMOEBA's assets and will integrate the two high caliber co-founders of the company Dr. Sanjay Mathur and Dr. Prabhu Sathyamurthy; renowned, world class experts in the field of numerical simulation and in its specific application to fluid dynamics for the electronics industry.

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