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    Home » Testing News » Why Security Testing is essential for Websites?

    Why Security Testing is essential for Websites?

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

    Hackers' community increasing day by day. Unsecure websites are been targeted for their practice and other way around they have other intensions to hack the site. People with bare hacking skills are able to sabotage the security of the poorly protected websites and this can be for money, recognition or for sheer fun. The constant manipulation overflow is effecting the in-built protection mechanisms in modern operating systems.

    There are many advanced hacking techniques and mechanisms which can cause huge security breaches. As the number of techniques like XSS and SQL injection techniques which will counter these attacks grow, the number of hacking techniques and hacking mechanisms are increasing.

    The hacking techniques and mechanisms usually lead to:

    Denied Authentication of User Access
    Confidential User Information can be Stolen Very Easily
    The Service will be Denied Unwantedly
    The Site will be Crashed
    Data will be Encrypted� and many more

    Vulnerability scanner or vulnerability testing can detect different types of Web Vulnerabilities. Even though a lot of progress has been made in the scanning techniques since last decade, there are still a lot of loopholes in detecting the latest vulnerabilities on web. Every day new techniques are invented by the hackers to penetrate into the network or application.

    The website owners, mostly being from non IT background hosting their ecommerce or website they don't have awareness or knowledge on security vulnerability in their sites. There are a huge number of companies in the market today who sell and resell their products and solutions in this specific area. Not surprisingly, many SMEs are, worried by a variety of vulnerabilities effecting their online business.

    Many IT companies today claim that they are the experts in the security domain by performing various security techniques to safeguard the company's sensitive information but all that which is being done is not sufficient as the hackers keep inventing new hacking techniques every single day. All the attacks on the security is stopping companies from delivering the most effective products and solutions to the companies.

    Such scenarios are even continuing in large companies and corporates as maintaining proper security measures has always been a worse nightmare for them. For example, if a corporate website is hacked for any good reason, then it can be very disastrous as it directly or indirectly hits the corporate reputation and a clear breach will be visible to everyone which in turn can create a media buzz flaming the social media and social networks. The main reasons effecting the corporate security breach can be confused hierarchy, Infrastructure complexities, lack of knowledge on security measures and integrating technologies from different vendors without having a proper awareness and knowledge about those technologies of different vendors.

    Today, many large companies or corporates are facing issues related to maintaining the security departments as they need to manage huge interconnected networks all the time. Though all the corporate companies maintain huge IT Security budget, they don't often spend on security testing or security auditing. Another problem faced by these companies is that they have pressure from the Top management and shareholders who will only be concerned about the cash flow and the timely deliverables which perform very well. The companies will also be worried about their budgetary constraints. There is also a danger of the companies not realizing the fact that if they release their web applications in the market without performing proper security testing on it, then it will be a heavy loss for them in every way afterwards. This is the main reason why there should be an independent security testing integrated in every phase of Software Development life-Cycle (SDLC) so that things brighten up and proceed in a better way.

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